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한국에서 근무하는 중국 직장인 미스 경의 아이드로 반영구화장 정규 드로리스트 과정 트랙인

2017-04-14 01:35

2017-04-14 01:35

Whole process of Eyedrow formal semi-permanent makeup course, full records of Eyedrow semi-permanent

The sunshine girl in the photo is Miss Geng.

After graduation from university, Miss Geng came to South Korea for work.

Until this year, she has unconsciously spent five years of her career life in South Korea.

As an employee of Korea & China Trading Company, She has always been fascinated by recently booming semi-permanent beauty industry.

Joining semi-permanent beauty industry and becoming a successful semi-permanent makeup artist has been her little dream.


She is a microblog lover in usual days.

After accidentally reading the content about semi-permanent makeup publicized by Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy,

she was resolutely determined to learn knowledge about semi-permanent makeup at Eyedrow subsequent to in-depth knowledge and consideration.


In the course of learning,

Miss Geng studied hard and positively.

Dying to master truly useful knowledge about semi-permanent makeup,

she immediately learned much knowledge concerned with the help of the assistance from instructors and constant practice by herself.

Especially in the course of practice,

Miss Geng consulted instructors about quite a lot of main points during learning,

Acquiring more practical and useful knowledge and accumulating more practical experience within limited learning time.

In just a few days,

Miss Geng established deep friendships with lecturers and her learning partners.

She also deems such friendship as the wealth of her life.

After formally finishing semi-permanent makeup course at Eyedrow,

Miss Geng usually came back to Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy for auditing and practice.

Our purpose lies in permanent responsibility for trainees,

and we warmly welcome all the graduated trainees to revisit our school in spare time.

Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy has integrated Korean semi-permanent design concept and

German cutting-edge semi-permanent technologies and provided characteristic, systematic and customized training services for trainees around the world.

Meanwhile, through training content integrated with brand concept,

all the graduates can enjoy the support from Eyedrow Brand during their independent procedures.

All instructors from Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy

are master instructors in beauty industry with years of experience in cosmetic operation and domestic & international instruction.

Eyedrow’s outstanding instructor team will serve each friend committed to becoming Eyedrowist in cordial and strict teaching attitudes.