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한국에서 거주한 미용 스튜디오 창업 준비자 미스 김의 아이드로 기행문

2017-04-13 02:30

2017-04-13 02:30

Whole process of Eyedrow formal semi-permanent makeup course- Eyedrow semi-permanent makeup journey

Miss Jin is a Chinese residing in South Korean, and she comes from Beijing City, China.

She is very polite and has made an excellent impression on us during the first meeting.

She graduated from Yanbian University.

Always being fascinated by semi-permanent beauty industry,

she is prepared to start a business and establish her own beauty studio in Beijing.


By accident, she read the content about semi-permanent makeup publicized by

Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy through microblog and signed up for Eyedrow

formal semi-permanent makeup course subsequent to detailed consultation and consideration.

On March 24th, 2017, the formal semi-permanent makeup course for which Miss Jin had signed up kicked off.

In the first place, the representative of Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy showed

Miss Jin and her learning partners around the academy and introduced the academy to them.

After the class for the first day began,

we would meticulously prepare dessert and coffee for trainees on each day of class.

The beginning part involved basic semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles.

Instructors imparted the detailed theoretical knowledge before the meticulous demonstration of the design for them.

Afterwards, Miss Jin began to practice how to design semi-permanent eyebrow styles.


She carefully sketched the contours of her design, and our instructor industriously guided her at her elbow.

Semi-permanent pigments are made of pigments extracted from pure plants.

After understanding the knowledge about semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles,

Miss Jin and her learning partners started the course for pigment modulation.

As semi-permanent pigments will permeate into human skin,

the color displayed on human skin after operation will be different from the original color we have seen.

The instructor prudentially introduced such facts to Miss Jin. Meanwhile, thanks to the help from the instructor,

Miss Jin finally understood the knowledge about semi-permanent pigments and mastered the methods

and skills to modulate semi-permanent pigments.

미스 김이 우리 아이드로 색소의 홍보대사가 된다.

One week just disappeared in a week,

and trainees for this session graduated.

Graduation ceremony started.

Graduation ceremony started.

At first, the representative of Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy

conferred graduation certificate on Miss Jin in person.

Everyone took a photo together,

which was a satisfactory conclusion of Miss Jin’s semi-permanent makeup journey at Eyedrow.


Finally, we wish her a venture success!


Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy has integrated Korean semi-permanent design concept

and German cutting-edge semi-permanent technologies and provided characteristic, systematic and customized training services for trainees around the world.

Meanwhile, through training content integrated with brand concept,

all the graduates can enjoy the support from Eyedrow Brand during their independent procedures.

All instructors from Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy are master instructors in beauty industry

with years of experience in cosmetic procedure and domestic & international instruction.

Eyedrow’s outstanding instructor team will serve each friend committed to becoming Eyedrowist in cordial and strict teaching attitudes.